Importance of Eye Exams

Annual Eye Exams are Important for Everyone 

Taking care of your body is extremely important. Part of this includes receiving regular medical attention and coming in for annual checkups. Along with receiving an annual physical, you also need to make sure that you see an optometrist on a regular basis. For those that are in Houston, there are a variety of benefits to receiving regular eye exams from us at Texas Eye Center.

Checks for Eye Diseases

One of the reasons why you should come in for eye exams on a regular basis is because it will allow you to be checked for eye diseases. There are a variety of diseases that can affect someone's vision and overall eye health. During the early stages of many of these diseases, you may not even have any symptoms. However, when you come in for an eye exam, your optometrist will be able to provide you with a full examination and evaluation. Based on this, you will be provided with a variety of options for treatment and care.

Check Vision

Another reason to see an optometrist on a regular basis is because he can check your vision. Even if you have had great vision in the past, people's vision tends to wear down over time. Due to this, it is important to see an optometrist to have their vision tested. If necessary, your optometrist can also get you fitted for a new set of eyeglasses or corrective contact lenses.

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For people all over the Houston area, receiving regular eye exams is important to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that you have good vision. When you are in need of an eye exam, contact us at Texas Eye Center. When you come here, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to see an experienced optometrist. Dr. Tsegai will provide you with a full examination and evaluation.

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